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Am I a Candidate for Sclerotherapy?

Spider veins and Vericose veins in the legs can cause pain and embarrassment for anyone who suffers with them. There are many reasons why a person gets these unsightly veins, but for those who want to eliminate them, there is a highly effective solution that works for nearly everyone. Sclerotherapy, a safe cosmetic procedure that’s been utilized for over 80 years, is one of the best minimally invasive options for removing these ugly and sometimes painful veins. Continue reading

Get Your Legs Summer-Ready

Are your legs ready for shorts this summer? How about bikinis? Maybe you’re not as confident about showing off your legs as you’d like to be, but there are a few things you can do to get them looking sexy by the time summer rolls in. Summer means less clothing coverage for issues like spider veins, and it also entails lots of leg shaving if you intend to dress according to the season.  If you are self-conscious about unsightly spider veins or want to eliminate the need to shave almost daily this summer, you’ve got some options at Cosmetic Laser CentersSM:
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Why Winter is the Ideal Time for Laser Hair Removal

Pittsburgh Laser Hair Removal Tips

If you’re dreaming about wearing tank tops and bikinis in the warm summer weather, then now is the time to start preparing to look your best with laser hair removal. When summer weather is upon us in a few months, you’d probably like your underarms and bikini line to be flawless and smooth without worrying about shaving all the time. Laser hair removal is a great option for permanent hair removal on virtually any part of the body, but the best time for this treatment is during the doldrums of winter. Here are a few reasons why: Continue reading

A Guide to Juvéderm®

What do you know about Juvéderm®

Juvéderm® is a hyaluronic acid filler used to fill areas where fine lines and wrinkles or scaring is present on the skin. It is also used to add volume to other areas such as the lips, chin and jaw. There are several Juvéderm® products on the market, each with their own unique benefits. If you have been thinking about dermal fillers, then you will want to know which one is right for you. See our guide below to decide which Juvéderm® product is perfect for you.

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Your Skin from the Hot Summer Sun

Protecting Your Skin

Summer is just around the corner and if you are like most people that means you will be spending more time outside. Whether you are at the beach or just taking a stroll around the park, it is important to protect your skin from the hot summer sun. Protecting your skin from the sun has several benefits, including: decreasing your risk of skin cancer, reducing your risk of getting a painful sunburn, minimizing the likelihood of developing age spots, and helping you age more gracefully by not developing lines and wrinkles prematurely. There are several ways that you can protect your skin from the suns harsh rays and each should be part of everyone’s routine when spending time in the sun.

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Why You Must Wait

Waiting for Treatment

Varicose veins and spider veins are common problems, especially among those fifty years of age and older. Those seeking treatment must first be seen for an initial medical evaluation or a cosmetic consultation, depending on the patient’s complaint. At the initial appointment the condition is diagnosed. The possible diagnoses include: spider veins, varicose veins, or a combination of both.

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