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CLEARLight™ Acne Photoclearing™

What is CLEARLight™
The CLEARLight™ system is a photodynamic instrument that uses blue violet light waves which penetrate your skin and directly kill the bacteria that lead to inflammatory acne. These light waves also stimulate your body’s own bacteria fighting porphyrins which kill additional bacteria and remain activated to give a lasting bacterial killing effect even after treatment is ended. This combined effect provides a drug free option for treatment of acne.

CLEARLight™ at Work:

Before Treatment: A pimple forms around the hair folicle opening, causing inflammatory acne with an abnormal amount of bacteria called P. acnes.

During Treatment: ClearLight's APC technology uses intense, 405-420nm wavelength light, which safely and effectively permeates the tissue to reach the P. acnes.

After Treatment: The P. acnes bacteria have been eliminated.

Typical CLEARLight™ Treatment:
A typical CLEARLight™ treatment session lasts 25 minutes. Patients can relax and listen to music while lying under the warming therapeutic light. After a treatment, patients feel rested and ready to continue with the rest of their busy day.

When a pimple forms and clogs the hair follicle pore, an ideal microenvironmental is created. This enables the naturally occurring Propionbacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria to proliferate and start a cascade of events that lead to an inflammatory response.

CLEARLight™ APC™ uses blue violet light wavelengths which penetrate the skin and reaches the P. acnes bacteria. These wavelengths of light directly kill P.acnes as well as stimulate the skin’s endogenous porphyrins which are part of its natural defenses against these and other bacteria. CLEARLight™ uses ONLY 405-420nm wavelengths of light which have been best shown to produce these effects in both the laboratory and clinical settings. It completely filters out damaging UV wavelengths. This allows for painless, safe acne treatments.

CLEARLight™ APC™ system has effectively and safely destroyed the proliferation of P.acnes bacteria.

CLEARLight™ Advantages:

  • Short regiment – 10 treatments over 5 weeks to achieve impressive results.
  • NO Pain
  • NO downtime
  • Systemic drug-free treatment
  • Suitable for all areas of the body including back, chest and face

Why CLEARLight™?

  • 40% of acne bacteria are insensitive to oral antibiotics
  • Non-invasive, pain free treatment
  • Quick easy treatments
  • FDA approved
  • Only 10 treatments over 5 week period

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