Intense Pulsed Light (IPL®) Photorejuvenation

Cosmetic Laser CentersSM proudly offers Intense Pulsed Light (IPL®) Photorejuvenation with the Lumenis® M22TM. IPL® technology is often used to address the most visible skin tone conditions. IPL® offers a non-invasive treatment that gently corrects the effects of photo aging and sun damage. IPL® also treats a wide variety of facial concerns such as broken capillaries, age spots, benign brown spots, sun-induced freckles, and mild to moderate rosacea.

IPL® offers a non-invasive treatment to gently correct the effects of photo aging and sun damage.

Pittsburgh IPL® Photorejuvenation Treatments


Question & Answers:

Q: What is IPL®?

A: IPL® Photorejuvenation is a noninvasive light based treatment that treats skin damage without the disruption of the skin’s surface.

Q: How is IPL® performed?

A: Cold gel is applied to the treatment area. The handpiece is then applied to the skin, and flashes of bright light are delivered in pulses. The settings of energy applied and the number of pulses delivered to the skin are chosen by our expert staff according to patient’s needs and skin type.

Q: How does IPL® treat benign vascular lesions?

A: Aging, UV exposure and other factors can cause the appearance of broken capillaries and blood vessels on your skin. These spider veins on the face and body are referred to as telangiectasias, and they often cause diffuse redness. This type of redness is often associated with a common skin condition known as rosacea.

During IPL® treatment, the light energy is absorbed by these small blood vessels, causing the vessels to heat up and shut down. Over time, the treated vessels are reabsorbed by your body and disappear. Some patients may experience slight bruising at the site where the vessel was destroyed, this bruising will usually fade within a few days.

Q: Is IPL® FDA Cleared?

A: IPL® Photorejuvenation has been FDA cleared since 1995.

Q: How many IPL® treatments will I need?

A: The number of treatments varies according to the condition itself, the condition’s severity, and the individual being treated. IPL® treatments are generally based on a series of treatments over a period of time, separated by approximately one month. On average, four to six treatment sessions are recommended.

Q: What can I expect after treatment with IPL®?

A: Some patients may experience some redness in the treated area; this usually dissipates in a few hours. Depending upon what condition you are receiving IPL® Photorejuvenation for, there may be common after effects, which are reviewed at the time of consultation.