Laser Hair Removal

At Cosmetic Laser CentersSM, we proudly offer laser hair removal treatments with the LumenisTM LightSheerTM.   Lumenis™ LightSheer™ is a diode laser that removes unwanted hair. The laser targets the melanin in the hair and zaps it with a pulse of energy to destroy the hair follicle. Once a hair follicle is destroyed using this treatment it will be unable to grow hair. The best candidates for laser hair removal are those with darker hair since the laser targets the melanin in the follicle.

Those with lighter hair colors, such as blonde may not benefit from this type of treatment. It is best to receive a consultation from an experienced professional to find out if this treatment option is best for your skin and hair type. Lumenis™ LightSheer™ is non-invasive and can be used on virtually any area of the body including: underarms, bikini area, back, face and chest. Several treatments are needed due to the hair growth cycle.

In addition, the number of treatments needed will vary depending on the individual and the response to the treatment. Patients receiving Lumenis™ Lightsheer™ will notice some discomfort during treatment, but no pain afterwards and no downtime.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL®) Photorejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light (IPLâ) Photorejuvenation is a treatment that uses intense pulses of light, as the name suggests, to treat common skin conditions. Photorejuvenation is not a laser treatment, but an intense pulse light treatment that stimulates collagen production. It is safe and effective for the following conditions:

IPLâ Photorejuvenation is commonly used on the face, neck, and hands.  As we get older the pigmentation of our skin begins to change due to prolonged sun exposure. Many individuals over the age of fifty will begin to notice age spots on their skin. It is common for elderly people to develop many age spots on their neck, hands, and face. These spots are caused by the sun. In addition, those with broken blood vessels on the face, commonly near the nose, and redness due to rosacea or other skin conditions, can benefit from IPLâ Photorejuvenation. Once treated, the areas of the skin with age spots or redness will appear to get darken or worsen for up to a ten day period. This is a normal reaction and those areas will begin to fade and appear lighter over time. The treatment itself can be slightly uncomfortable, but is tolerable. Pain relieving creams can be used, as well as numbing creams to decrease the discomfort. Once the treatment is completed, most patients do not feel any discomfort at all. There is no downtime with this treatment and patients can resume normal activities, but are advised to stay out of the sun.


This procedure:


LightsSheerTM Laser Hair Removal Treatments Pittsburgh

Q: How does the LightSheerTM laser work?

A: The diode laser produces a highly concentrated beam of light that is easily absorbed by the pigment contained in the hair follicles. This is why blonde, red, grey and white hair cannot be treatment with laser, as these colors do not contain enough pigment to absorb the laser’s energy.

During treatment, the hair is heated and the follicle is permanently affected, impeding its ability to regrow hair. The process treats numerous, actively growing hair follicles simultaneously.

Q: Is laser hair removal painful?

A: There is some mild discomfort associated with treatment. Some areas, including the upper lip, shins and ankles, and bikini area can be a little more sensitive. However, the chilled gel used during treatment and the chilled treatment tip make the process very tolerable.

Q: How many laser hair removal treatments will I require?

A: No two patients are identical; however, for most treatment areas, approximately 6-8 sessions are necessary. Some treatment areas will require more and some much less. At Cosmetic Laser CentersSM, we space treatment sessions apart by 5-6 weeks.