Winter Skin Care Tips

During winter months skin needs to be treated differently. Harsh winter weather can bring about not only dry skin, but can exasperate other skin issues such as sensitive skin. Most times moisturizing is not enough to keep your dry skin at bay. Your skin may need additional care with a winter skin treatment.

Tips for Winter Skin Care

The dry, cold weather of winter reduces moisture and can make skin dry, itchy and irritated. This is specifically prominent on exposed areas, such as the face and neck. For those with sensitive skin, the problems can be even worse. Sensitive skin needs to be treated with extra care. Below are five tips for helping alleviate dry winter skin and to help keep your sensitive skin healthy and hydrated.

Skin Care

Tip #1: See a specialist

It is recommended that if you have dry, sensitive skin during the winter to see a specialist. Estheticians have quality training and can recommend skin care products to best meet your skins needs. In addition, they can perform skin treatments that will alleviate symptoms of dry winter skin.

Tip #2: Moisture More Frequently

It is important to moisture more during the winter months. Moisture morning and night, as well as after hand washing. Oil based moisturizers come highly recommended during this time of year as they create a protective layer on the skin and keep moisture in.

Tip #3: Wear Sunscreen

Everyone knows wearing sunscreen during the summer is important, but it is also important to wear sunscreen during the winter months as well. The sun’s rays can cause damage to the skin even in overcast weather. Shielding yourself year round is a great preventative technique to reduce the harmful effects of sun exposure. It is also great for sensitive skin that can burn easily.

Tip #4: Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers help keep and add moisture to the air. During the winter, the use of central heat and space heaters can remove moisture from the air. This will help keep your skin from drying out.

Tip #5: Avoid Hot Showers

While it can be tempting during the cold winter months to jump into a steamy hot shower or bath, avoid it at all costs. This will only further dry out your skin. Hot water will break down your skin’s moisture barriers and cause even more symptoms of dry, irritated skin. Your best bet is to use lukewarm water for either a shower or a bath and to limit the time spent in the water. If you are an avid soaker in the tub, use an oatmeal based bath product or even oatmeal itself to soak with. This will help relieve dry, itchy skin.

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