Erase the Signs of Aging Caused by Sun Damaged Skin With IPL Laser Treatments

Finally, Get Rid of Brown Spots and Spider Veins Without Surgery

Did you spend long summer days out in the sun when you were young? Then you’re most likely noticing more sun spots as you age. Over-the-counter products don’t work, and you can never find a concealer that truly matches your skin. Thankfully, IPL laser treatments are here to save your skin and rewind the signs of aging. See how IPL can erase sun damage and rejuvenate your skin in more ways than one!

What Are IPL Laser Treatments?

IPL (intense pulsed light) isn’t actually a laser, but it’s just as effective for skin care. It works by using scattered and unfocused wavelengths of light to penetrate through layers of your skin.

You can get IPL treatments anywhere on your body for the treatment of spider veins on your face, sun damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, and many other skin concerns.

Tell Me Why I Should Choose IPL for Sun Damaged Skin Treatments

When the sun permanently damages your skin, it’s called “photoaging.” This can cause early signs of aging, like brown spots and wrinkles. IPL penetrates deep into your dermis, which causes your skin to absorb its energy and blast away unwanted pigment, like hyperpigmentation.

Not sure if you have photoaged skin? Here are some signs you might be dealing with sun damage:

  • Changes in pigmentation such as brown spots, liver spots, or freckles
  • Decreased elasticity in your skin
  • Spider veins around your nose and on your chest
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

IPL Before & Afters

Wait, Can IPL Treat Sun Spots and Spider Veins?

Redness, blotchiness, and broken capillaries are all signs of sun damage. IPL spider vein treatments on the face work by permanently damaging the walls of your broken capillaries by using heat. When your spider veins are damaged, they disappear and are absorbed by your body.

What Do IPL Laser Treatments Feel Like?

IPL treatments for photoaged skin are virtually pain-free and require no downtime. As the treatment emits heat, you might feel minor discomfort. However, most patients report minor to no discomfort.

Treatment only takes about thirty minutes, and you can return to your daily routine as soon as your session is over.

Tell Me About Results With IPL for Photodamaged Skin

The best part about IPL treatments for sun damaged skin is that results will be noticeable in about 2 weeks. You can see up to 70% less brown spots and redness caused by the sun after only 4-6 treatments. Yearly maintenance is typically recommended to address new sun damage.

Am I a Good Candidate for IPL Treatments?

You can have IPL treatments anywhere on your body, including your face. So, if you’re tired of seeing sun damaged skin when you look in the mirror and are ready for actual results, IPL laser treatments might be perfect for you.

IPL is safe for almost anyone. However, if you’re prone to keloid scarring, talk to your provider before committing to this treatment.

Where Can I Find the Best IPL in Pittsburgh for My Sun Damaged Skin?

At Cosmetic Laser CentersSM, we have the best anti aging and sun damaged skin treatments. Our experts can erase unsightly brown spots and spider veins on the face with only a few IPL treatments.

Ready to learn more about this remarkable treatment? Contact our conveniently located clinic at 724-935-4200 or fill out our form online today to request a consultation for IPL. Don’t forget to ask our team about rewinding the clock with Botox® and dermal fillers, so you look and feel more rejuvenated than ever!