Botox and Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkle relaxers or “neuromodulators” work by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles that cause wrinkling. Wrinkle relaxers are injected with a fine needle directly into the muscles. The most common treatment areas include frown lines between the eyebrows and lines around the eyes and mouth.

The two most widely used wrinkle relaxers in the country are BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® . Our trained providers will advise you as to which wrinkle relaxer will work best for your needs.

Cosmetic Laser Centers℠ offers BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®. After the chosen product is injected, it takes several days to take effect.  The duration of effect for both wrinkle relaxers is typically 3-4 months.

BOTOX® in Pittsburgh

BOTOX® and Anti-wrinkle Treatments:

BOTOX® Cosmetic is commonly used to treat wrinkles in the face. It works by paralyzing the muscles in the face that cause lines and wrinkles. BOTOX® Cosmetic remains one of the most sought after products in cosmetic medicine. Wrinkle relaxers like BOTOX® are often used in conjunction with dermal fillers (Juvéderm®, Restylane®, etc.) that can fill in some of the areas where the lines and wrinkles exist.

Dysport® cosmetic injections:

Dysport® is another widely popular wrinkle relaxer. It is very similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic. Both consist of clostridium botulinum toxin A, but have subtle differences. For some patients, either BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® may be the better option depending on their body’s response to the products. Many patients prefer one over the other.