ClearLIGHT™ is a therapeutic light treatment that treats moderate inflammatory acne. This treatment uses APC (Acne PhotoClearing) technology to destroy the bacteria that causes painful inflammatory acne.

ClearLIGHT treatment is pain free. There is also no downtime. Patients receiving treatment sit under the ClearLIGHT™ blue light for approximately twenty minutes while it works to penetrate the skin and kills acne-causing bacteria. This treatment is also drug-free, FDA approved, and highly effective.

Patients typically need around 10 sessions total, but this can vary. Results are typically appreciated in as little as 4-6 weeks.  Because ClearLIGHT is noninvasive and effective, it is a popular choice for those struggling with inflammatory acne.

The CLEARLight system is a photodynamic instrument that uses blue violet light waves to penetrate the skin and directly kill the bacteria that leads to inflammatory acne.

Pittsburgh CLEARLight Acne Treatments

CLEARLight at Work:

Before Treatment: A pimple forms around the hair follicle opening, causing inflammatory acne with an abnormal amount of bacteria known Propionbacterium acnes or P. acnes.

During Treatment: ClearLight APC technology utilizes an intense 405-420nm wavelength light which safely and effectively permeates into your skin tissue to reach the P. acnes, killing it and stimulating the skin’s endogenous porphyrins to kill additional skin bacteria. The ClearLight technology machine completely filters out damaging UV wavelengths, allowing for painless, safe acne treatments.

After Treatment: The P. acnes bacteria have been eliminated.

ClearLight Questions and Answers

Q: What does a CLEARLight™ treatment entail?

A: A typical CLEARLight™ treatment session lasts 25 minutes. Patients can relax and listen to music or nap while lying under the warming, therapeutic light. After a treatment session, patients feel rested and ready to continue the rest of their busy day.

Q: What are advantages of having CLEARLight™ treatments?

A: The treatment regimen is short. It is generally consists of ten treatments over 4-5 weeks to achieve results. Additional treatments are allowed if needed. Also, there is NO downtime. It provides a fantastic treatment supplement, as 40% of acne bacteria is insensitive to oral antibiotics.

Q: Does CLEARLight treatment involve medications?

A: No, the CLEARLight is 100% drug-free treatment. However, some acne patients may be on topical or oral meds from their dermatologist. In some cases, these medications may need to be stopped before treatment, as they could potentially increase the risk of adverse events. Mention any and all medications you may be taking to your Cosmetic Laser Centers℠ medical provider.

Current Accutane treatment or Accutane treatment within the past 6-12 months is often a contraindication for many device-based treatments.

Q: Is CLEARLight only suitable for facial acne?

A: No, the treatment is suitable for all areas of the body with acne, including the back and chest.