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Over the past thirty years, we’ve seen technology take off in a way we could never have expected. Some of the young adult population has never lived their lives without knowing what a cell phone is. In contrast, some grown adults have seen the complete evolution of computers from $5,000 hunks of plastic to more affordable, sleek, personal, and portable devices.

At Cosmetic Laser Centers in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, one of our favorite technological advancements that have happened over the past few decades has been the advancements in cosmetic laser treatments. Although CO2 lasers have been on the cosmetic market since the 1960s, their range of treatment was limited at best. It remained the best option on the market for treating facial wrinkles for nearly thirty years before the 1990s completely revolutionized the cosmetic laser industry worldwide.

Today, many different, targeted laser treatments exist that offer a wide range of dermatological applications and results.

Seven Reasons Why You Might Benefit from Laser Cosmetic Treatments

1) You can get stunning, age-defying results with little to no downtime.

Many people seek out cosmetic laser treatments to deal with aging issues, and this makes sense. Plastic surgery, which was once widely used as a way to maintain a youthful look, had an extended associated downtime and a particularly high pain rate. For comparable cost, you can get similar results that traditional plastic surgery provided without the associated downtime or pain.

2) Cosmetic laser facial treatments restore a naturally youthful look to your face.

One of the biggest complaints about surgeries designed to restore youthfulness is that they sometimes do not look natural. While surgeons can make minor adjustments to a skin’s youthful appearance through surgery, surgery does not address the real problem behind aging – the skin craves moisture, protection, and exfoliation.

Cosmetic laser facial treatments not only provide you with a more youthful appearance, but they work to address the issues that skin has as it ages. Laser treatments and subsequent facials relieve the top layer of your skin, exfoliating dead skin, and naturally increasing the amount of elastin and collagen produced in your face. This makes wrinkles appear smaller, helps your skin hold moisture better, and gives it the glow associated with young, healthy skin.

3) Machines are far more accurate than humans.

We want to trust humans more than we trust machines. However, as much as we like the human touch that comes from non-mechanical treatments, machines are far more effective at what they do because they are programmed to follow the same movements over and over again. Machines provide accurate, natural-looking results that last. So, the next time you shave your leg and miss a spot, consider how much more effective a laser hair removal treatment might be.

4) Cosmetic laser treatments can now treat issues that were considered untreatable.

Acne is the bane of many teens’ existence. However, if it’s too bad, or if it sticks around past a person’s teenage years, it can lead to acne scarring. For a long time, acne scarring was considered untreatable. The process happens when the skin is damaged harshly, as it is with cystic acne. When the skin is damaged, and not enough collagen is produced to heal the area, a depression in the skin is formed.

As laser skin treatments began to evolve in the eighties and nineties, dermatologists began to understand that the same laser treatments that could be used to treat wrinkles could also be used to treat acne scarring. Today, thanks to the advanced technology associated with cosmetic laser treatments, acne scars, large birthmarks, and more can be treated using laser resurfacing and other laser technologies.

5) There are so many different types of laser treatments available that you can optimize your experience based on your comfort level, budget, and more.

Not all laser treatments are alike. When you work with a dermatologist or a skin consultant to understand what treatment is best for you, you will get to choose between the following different types of laser treatments:

  • Ablative
  • Non-ablative
  • Fractionated
  • Light Therapies
  • Targeted Treatment Lasers: such as the lasers that treat rosacea, sunspots, melasma, hair removal, and tattoo removal.

6) Laser treatments can remove unwanted hair in places all over the body.

A recent American Laser Centers poll surveyed women about their hair removal choices, and the results were shocking. Women spent an estimated 58.4 days of their life removing hair from their bodies, and much of this time was due to how long it takes to remove hair using a razor or waxing kit at home. These kits are mostly targeted toward leg hair removal and make removing hair in other areas of the body cumbersome and potentially painful.

Laser hair treatments, however, are customized based on the area of the body they are trying to treat. Overall, when using laser hair treatment to remove hair, people can expect less pain, less extra work, and less time spent trying to remove hair throughout their lives.

7) Cosmetic laser treatments can give you a chance to be a whole new you.

One of the most vicious and untrue rumors that we hear about the cosmetic industry is that it is entirely self-centered.

We routinely see patients with backstories about their scars, birthmarks, and wrinkles. Sometimes, wrinkles and aging can be signs of a life lived to its fullest. However, people who seek cosmetic laser treatment are often looking for a way to start their life on a clean slate after dealing with childhood teasing about a medical condition, traumatic injuries they’d care not to relive, and even abuse. Laser treatments give patients the option to take back control over an aspect of their life that impacts them every day. The rewards of cosmetic laser treatments often go far beyond just a smooth, youthful face – they extend to a person’s self-worth.

When you get your cosmetic laser treatment from Cosmetic Laser Centers in Warrendale or Robinson Township, you get an extra benefit – thoughtful consultation, application, and follow-up care from medical professionals. To learn more about the cosmetic laser treatments we provide, click here.