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A Non-Invasive Treatment to Tighten Skin and Boost Collagen

As we grow older, the collagen that keeps our skin firm begins to break down. This leads to the skin showing lines and wrinkles where there was once firmness and plumpness. There are many different types of laser skin treatments available today to help improve the appearance of our skin, some of which are more complicated and invasive than others.

With Thermage, the process is simple. There are no incisions made in the skin, and there is little to no downtime after the treatment is complete, so you don’t have to worry about taking time off from your busy schedule to have a skin tightening treatment done. Anyone who’s beginning to see the effects of collagen depletion in their skin can benefit from Thermage as an anti-aging treatment. If you’re thinking, “But where are anti-aging treatments near me?” then simply read below to learn more.

What is Thermage?

Thermage is a facial and body treatment that uses heating and cooling to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles, addressing the visible signs of aging in minutes. Thermage has been an FDA-approved treatment since 2001, and is known for its ability to remedy forehead wrinkles, sagging jowls, fine lines around the eyes, and hollow-looking cheeks.

Designed to tighten the appearance of skin by stimulating new collagen production using heat, this clinically-proven treatment delivers outstanding results without the downtime of surgery. Skin becomes saggy and thin as we age because collagen naturally breaks down over time as we become older. Thermage utilizes radio-frequency heat energy to target the collagen-rich dermis layer of skin, stimulating the production of new collagen. The radio frequency also affects the connecting tissue, causing it to contract and have a contouring effect on the skin. As the new collagen forms gradually over three to six months, the skin will become tighter in appearance, looking fuller, more toned, and lifted as each day passes.

What makes Thermage so great?

  • It’s non-invasive – it is not considered surgery, and there are no injections with needles or cutting of the skin.
  • It’s quick, fast, and comfortable – treatment sessions usually only last around 30 to 90 minutes.
  • It’s efficient – you can see amazing results after just one treatment session.
  • There is little to no downtime – you can continue with your regular routine after treatment.
  • It’s long-lasting – results can continue to improve as time goes on and can last for years.
  • It works on many areas of the body – whether you’re looking to treat wrinkles and loose skin on your face or body, Thermage is the right solution to fix your skin.
  • It’s safe for all skin types.

How Does Thermage Work?

The simple answer is that Thermage works by using a non-invasive therapy that stimulates the formation of collagen, which then tightens and lifts the skin. But, the process of how Thermage works is quite scientific. At Cosmetic Laser Centers, we use a hand-held device that utilizes radio frequency to travel through the skin’s surface to heat the collagen-rich layers deep in the dermal layer of skin.

The Thermage hand-held device delivers a precise amount of radio-frequency energy with each pulse. To ensure the comfort of our patients, we use patented Comfort Pulse Technology, which is a process that protects the surface of the skin from damage by cooling it with spray after the device pulsation heats up the collagen fibers deep in the skin. When the dermal tissue is heated, the collagen contracts and thickens, tightening the skin layer below the surface, allowing you to see almost immediate results. While the applied heat causes existing collagen fibers to tighten and contract, it also stimulates new collagen to start growing. As the dermis layer continues to heal over the next few weeks to six months, the new collagen forms, which further tightens the skin.

Thermage works great anywhere you have loose or thin skin that needs to be tightened. It can be used on the entire face, the neck, abdomen, buttocks, arms, knees, and thighs. If you’re wondering, “Where is there skin tightening near me?” then your search is over because we offer the best in skin tightening at Cosmetic Laser Centers.

What Should I Expect During Thermage Treatments?

The process of a Thermage skin tightening treatment is fairly simple. Since a cooling sensation is already incorporated into the treatment, no topical pain medication is used. Your skin treatment would begin with the Thermage tip touching the skin in the treatment area. You would then feel a cooling, and then brief deep heating sensation, as radio-frequency energy is delivered to your skin and underlying tissues. This will last for only a few seconds. Feeling the deep heat lets you know that the collagen is reaching the right temperature for effective tightening.

After the heat, you will again feel a cooling sensation. This cooling is to protect your skin and make the treatment more comfortable. Once a few rounds of radio-frequency energy are delivered, you will notice the surface of your skin is cooled before, during, and after each pulse. The level of energy delivered in each pulse will be decided by the physician or advanced practice provider, with the goal of balancing your comfort level with achieving the best results possible. The treatment can take between a half hour and two hours depending on the size of your treatment area. Often patients only require one treatment session to see improvement, but some prefer to receive treatments annually in order to achieve superior results.

What Happens After I Receive a Thermage Treatment in Pittsburgh?

You can expect the skin in the treatment area to appear tighter and smoother. You can return to your normal life and activities immediately after your session. There are no special after-care procedures needed after receiving a Thermage skin tightening treatment, though you should wear sunscreen.

Many other types of laser skin treatments often need multiple visits to see results. That is not the case with Thermage. Most people will see some initial tightening of the skin directly after their first treatment because their existing collagen has been affected. After that, your skin will continue to improve, with results continuing to appear gradually over two to six months following the session. Full results and benefits of the skin treatment can last for years, but they vary from person-to-person depending on their aging process and exposure to environmental factors like the sun and smoking.

Where Can I Find Thermage Treatments Near Me?

Instead of spending lots of time researching “Thermage near me, contact Cosmetic Laser Centers! We are proud to offer Thermage skin tightening procedures in Pittsburgh with two great locations to choose from. Our locations are convenient to Wexford, Cranberry, and Robinson Township. Book your appointment for laser skin treatments with us today and see results fast.