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Reduce Unwanted Body Hair by 80 Percent in Pittsburgh

Fall is a great time for all skin treatments, including the laser hair removal sessions you wish you had completed before summer started. Fall is the perfect time to start because it gives you a jump-start on next summer, ensuring you won’t have that feeling of disappointment again when you’re spending your free time shaving instead of enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Why is Fall the Perfect Time?

Your skin changes seasonally, just like the weather does. So it’s important that you change the way you care for your skin each season. In the summer, the focus is on keeping our skin hydrated and protected from too much sun exposure.

In the fall, we start to spend more time indoors, and less time exposing our skin to harsh elements like the sun, chlorine from swimming pools, and salt water at the beach. That’s a main reason why fall is such an ideal time of year for laser skin treatments! Also, starting now will have you ready to go for next season!

It’s Easier to Be Mindful of the Sun

It’s common knowledge that the fall has us getting less sun exposure than summer, but did you know that you need to avoid sun exposure before and after laser hair removal treatments? It’s important to avoid the sun prior to a treatment session because the sun can be drying and harmful to your skin. Afterward, our treatments require little to no downtime, but it’s still best for your skin to avoid direct sunlight following treatment because the treated area will be photosensitive.

Getting your hair removal treatment done in the fall will help you avoid exposure to the UVA and UVB rays that are emitted by the summer sun, which will help your skin heal after treatment and reduce the risk of developing hyperpigmentation. If exposure to the sun is unavoidable, it’s highly recommended that you wear at least an SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunblock when you go outside. You should also avoid sunless skin-tanning creams that darken your skin.

Your Hair Might be a More Ideal Color for Removal

If you have hair that naturally lightens in the summertime due to more exposure to the sun, then fall is likely a better time for you to get laser hair removal treatments near Wexford or Cranberry Township. This is because your hair will be darker than in the summer months, and laser hair removal works best in contrast with lighter skin. The reason it works better on dark hair is because the laser targets the melanin in hair, and dark hair contains more melanin than light hair does.

People with lighter hair like blonde, gray, or white might not get the results they want. It’s easier for the laser to spot dark hair on lighter skin, so it can also be more effective if your skin tone naturally lightens a bit during fall and into winter due to less sun exposure. It’s best to have a consultation with a trained professional before having any procedures done in order to be sure laser hair removal is a suitable option for you. If you aren’t a good candidate for laser hair removal near Pittsburgh, our providers may be able to recommend a procedure that is.

Your Skin Might Be in Better Condition

All skin treatments work better on well-hydrated skin. During the fall, your skin is less likely to be exposed to harsh elements like salt and chlorine, so it’s a good time to have your treatments done.

During autumn months, you’re more likely to be indoors, so it eliminates the worry about having to avoid fun days at the beach or pool where your freshly treated skin would be exposed to sand, salt or chemicals.

You’ll Be Ready for Swimsuit Season Next Summer

Because laser hair removal treatments are done over time in multiple sessions, fall is a great time to start. By starting in the fall you will likely be all done with your treatment before the new year. Starting in fall will also ensure you’re ready for spring and will give you a jump-start on summer 2021!

You Won’t Have to Avoid the Heat (as much…)

To get the best results from laser hair removal, it is strongly recommended that you don’t sweat afterward. You need to keep your skin cool after the treatment, or your skin can get irritated and uncomfortable. Our sweat contains bacteria that aggravate sensitive hair follicles. Excessive sweating can lead to a rash, or even a skin infection.

After treatment you should avoid swimming in strongly chlorinated water, taking very hot baths or showers, or sitting in saunas. Avoiding sweating is much easier after the weather has cooled: think September, October, and November.

You Can Stop Other Hair Removal Methods

When you’re in the process of getting laser hair removal done, you cannot pluck, wax, or dye the hair in the area being treated. This is because doing things like plucking, electrolysis, or waxing will disturb the hair follicle. These other hair removal methods should be avoided for at least four weeks prior to treatment.

Getting laser hair removal sessions done in fall will make it a bit easier to accommodate this change in routine since you’re less likely to be wearing a swimsuit, and therefore less likely to be removing unwanted body hair as often.

The Laser Hair Removal We Offer near Wexford

At Cosmetic Laser Centers, we offer Lumenis® LightSheer™ Laser Hair Removal. Laser hair removal with Lumenis® LightSheer™achieves up to 80% permanent hair reduction!

LightSheer™ is non-invasive! It works by using a diode laser that targets the melanin in your hair. The laser removes the unwanted hair by zapping it with a pulse of energy, destroying the hair follicle. Once a hair follicle has been destroyed, it can no longer grow hair.

Our laser is safe to use on pretty much any area of the body, from underarms to the bikini area, the back, and even on the face and chest.

To find out if Lumenis® LightSheer™ Laser Hair Removal can work well for you, set up a consultation with one of our professionals at our Warrendale or Pittsburgh locations. They will let you know if it’s a good option for your hair and skin type. Our clients find the laser hair removal cost is well worth the results they see. Get a jump on your fall skin care routine by booking your appointment today.