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There’s a certain kind of agony that comes with dealing with unwanted hair. All the shaving, waxing, and plucking – these things can feel like torture, and can often lead to ingrown hairs, razor burn, and other skin irritations through no fault of your own.

Removing unwanted hair is also incredibly time consuming. Just think about all the hours you spend keeping your legs, face, and bikini area smooth. Fortunately, our team at Cosmetic Laser Centers offers an alternative that will finally allow you to toss your razors for good.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

If you’ve ever looked into a more permanent solution to dealing with unwanted hair, then you’ve probably already heard about the benefits of laser hair removal (also known as laser hair reduction). This is a non-invasive procedure that kills hair follicles by heating them, which in turn impedes their ability to regrow hair. The best part is that treatments can be applied anywhere unwanted hair resides: legs, bikini area, or even your upper lip or jawline.

Here at Cosmetic Laser Centers, we perform laser hair removal treatments using LightSheer™ technology. This is a diode laser that removes unwanted hair by targeting the melanin in each strand and zapping it with a pulse of energy, destroying the hair follicle. Not only does this process effectively remove unwanted hair for an extensive period of time, it’s also relatively painless. On average, most patients require approximately six to eight sessions to see optimal results.

When is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal?

People are most concerned about unwanted hair during the summer months since this is when pool parties and other outdoor events are at their peak. You may have noticed that you’re more likely to skip a couple days of shaving now compared to back in July.

If that’s the case, then the best time to begin laser hair removal treatments is during the winter months, starting around November or December. That may seem premature, but in order for the treatments to be at their most effective, you’ll need to follow and maintain certain skin care practices. You also have to allow enough time for treatments. Even on the shortest of timelines, the process can take several months. We promise the results are worth it, though.

Avoid Sun Exposure

The main thing you need to know about laser hair removal is that it can’t be performed on skin that is tan or sunburned via natural sun or a tanning bed. Even a slight tan or sun-kissed complexion can hinder the laser’s targeting functionality, so we recommend approaching this with the most natural skin tone possible.

Our LightSheer™ laser targets hair based on pigmentation. Quite simply, the darker the hair and the wider the contrast between hair color and skin color, the more accurately the laser will be able to home in on it. This is especially effective if your skin is significantly more pale than your hair. The best way to get to your most natural skin tone is by laying off any self-tanning products and consistently staying out of the sun. In places like California or Florida, that may be an impossible request. Here in the Pittsburgh area, the fall and winter months are an opportune time to avoid the sun and keep covered, so they’re an ideal time for hair removal.

The less sun exposure you have, the more likely we can keep the amount of sessions you’ll require on the lower end of the spectrum.

Skin Health and Pigmentation

Another reason winter is best for laser hair removal treatments is because the condition of your skin and hair follicles during those months is most ideal.

Treatments have proven to work better on untanned skin that is well hydrated. Avoiding salt and chlorine (often found in swimming pools) also helps keep skin healthy. During the winter, your skin is far less likely to be exposed to these elements.

There’s also the issue of the hair itself. As previously stated, laser hair removal works best on dark hair follicles. If your hair is of a lighter shade blonde – either red, gray, blonde, or white – then the laser is going to have a more difficult time targeting the melanin in the hair. What people oftentimes forget is that sun exposure lightens hair pigmentation. This means that your hair pigment is likely going to be at its darkest in the wintertime – or as we sometimes refer to it, “laser hair removal season.”

Sessions and Scheduling

Laser hair removal sessions are generally short (60 minutes or less) and relatively painless. What you’ll have to keep in mind as a patient is that this is not a one-and-done process. In order for your targeted areas to be rendered mostly hair-free, it’ll require multiple sessions. The amount varies from patient to patient, but a good rule of thumb is to plan on approximately six to eight sessions to achieve 80 percent hair removal.

Each session will need to be spaced apart by about five to six weeks. Map that out on a calendar, and you can see why we recommend starting the process now. Laser hair removal is a highly effective process with long-lasting results. However, it can’t be rushed and requires a commitment to scheduling and staying out of the sun.

Starting the Process of Laser Hair Removal

Now that you have a better idea of what laser hair removal entails, the timeline, and why winter is the best season to start the process, all that’s left is to reach out to arrange your consultation.

Visit the Contact Us page to set up your first appointment with one of our experienced staff. During this appointment, we will go into further detail regarding the laser hair removal treatment process, plan, and pricing as it pertains to you. Every patient is different, so the consultation is an important first step in estimating the amount of treatments you’ll need based upon your skin and hair type.

We also can go over how to best prepare your skin for treatment as well as a post-treatment regimen to follow. Getting rid of unwanted hair at home can be a lengthy and ongoing process, but the team at Cosmetic Laser Centers is committed to achieving the long-term results you want by the time summer rolls around.