2021 beauty trends

Learn more about the hero ingredients, esthetician services and beauty practices that have taken the beauty world by storm in 2021

Here at Cosmetic Laser Centers℠, we are constantly incorporating new and improved ways to help clients feel their best in and out of the treatment room. Over the last two years, there’s been a rise in the “skinimalism” trend and skincare products that can help you achieve that effortless look. This trend has greatly influenced the treatments clients are seeking and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

We’ve compiled the top five beauty trends that are dominating the beauty scene this year, and treatments we offer right here at Cosmetic Laser Centers to compliment them below.

1. Put your best “Zoom Face” forward

With so many people working from home, there’s no surprise that many clients have been looking for ways to appear bright-eyed and fresh-faced for a day of virtual conference calls and team meetings. From BOTOX® and dermal fillers, to chemical peels and laser treatments, we offer an array of anti aging treatments and esthetician services at Cosmetic Laser Centers that can help you achieve just that.

2. No-makeup makeup looks

Over the last few years, the interest in permanent and semi-permanent makeup services have greatly influenced the no-makeup makeup trend. Eyelash extensions are a perfect example of a semi-permanent cosmetic option that has become a fast favorite among many. In the hands of a skilled esthetician, eyelash extensions can be applied safely, but there are some risks that come with wearing them long-term. If you’re on the fence but still looking for ways to achieve darker and thicker lashes, you may consider LATISSE®. When applied daily, this FDA approved topical treatment is proven to result in longer, thicker and darker lashes in as little as two months. You can even stop by your nearest Cosmetic Laser Centers to pick up a bottle today!

3. Elevated beauty rituals

Everything from scalp serums to foot masks, people are investing more and more into their self-care routines than ever before. Perhaps you’re trying to nail down a skincare routine or feel ready to invest in more professional treatments, whichever it may be, the team at Cosmetic Laser Centers is here to help. Aside from offering some of the most advanced treatments in the Pittsburgh area, we also carry products from popular professional skincare lines such as Neova®, SkinMedica® and eltaMD®.

4. Advanced skin protection

We all know the importance of using sunscreen to protect ourselves from the risks of UVA and UVB exposure when we’re outside, but what about your time spent indoors? As our screen time increases, as does the risk of blue-light damage. Some studies have shown that longer exposure to high-energy blue light, such as what is emitted from our phones and computer screens, can increase the amount of DNA damage. This damage can result in cell and tissue death, skin barrier damage, and photoaging. Even when you’re spending the day indoors, making sure you’ve applied topical antioxidants and adequate sunscreen are key preventative measures.

5. Rising star ingredients

If you’ve been keeping an eye on new product releases over the last two years, we’re sure you’ve noticed an influx of two major ingredients — hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Both ingredients have their place in skincare routines and don’t appear to be leaving shelves any time soon, but new hero ingredients will be taking over in 2022.

With the use of face masks and increased screen time, there is a heavy focus on ingredients that can help protect against and reverse the signs of COVID-face — dull, sagging skin — and dreaded “mascne.” Namely, ingredients that are deeply hydrating, ocean-derived, and varying strains of cannabis compounds.

There are many anti-aging and acne-fighting ingredients you can incorporate into your at-home routine, but your most dramatic results will come from professional, in-office treatments such as laser-treatments and wrinkle relaxers.

Where to Receive Anti-Aging Treatments in Pittsburgh

Whether you’re seeing the first signs of dull, sagging skin, or ready to kiss those under eye bags goodbye, we are proud to offer the very best anti-aging treatments. To find out which anti-aging treatments and skincare products are right for you, just search “ Cosmetic Laser Centers near me” and submit a contact form to set up a consultation. You can reach our Pittsburgh location by calling 412-788-1331 or our Warrendale location by calling 724-305-3890. We look forward to helping you step into your most confident self!