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Finally Get a Winter Skincare Solution for Dry Skin

Are you dreading another winter because of dull, dry skin? Well, there’s great news! You can look refreshed and rejuvenated with simple at-home winter skincare treatments. If you’re ready to lose lackluster skin and love the skin you’re in this holiday season, check out these tips and our complete line of skin care products.

Fast Details on Why Your Skin Itches in the Winter

Cold temperatures and low humidity can really draw the moisture out of your skin. Mix in strong winter winds, dry indoor heat, and scratchy sweaters, and you have a recipe for dry skin that’s extremely uncomfortable. If you suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, you might suffer from increased flare-ups.

Another reason you might be feeling a little more dry this winter is because of long, hot showers. While they are a great way to warm up on a frosty night, hot water can dry out and damage the surface of your skin.

How to Stop Chapped Lips During Cold Weather

Most people know the telltale signs of chapped lips: dry, painful, cracking, and flaking skin on your lips that only feel worse when you eat or smile. The first thing you should do is set down the heavily pigmented and fragranced lip balms.

Colors and scents in lip products can dry out your skin even more. The best thing to do is find a high-quality lip balm to keep with you at all times. You can also try lip exfoliants to scrub off dead skin, lip masks at night to add extra moisture to your pout, and anti aging treatments to rewind the clock on wrinkles and fine lines.

Easy Winter Skincare to Stop the Itch

You can do a lot of things at home to prevent the awful “winter itch” that comes with chilly weather. Look at these quick tips to soothe your skin and look amazing:

Stay Hydrated
Your skin needs the moisture water provides to look young and supple. When you’re dehydrated, your skin looks dry, dull, and has noticeably less volume in places like your lips and cheeks. Drink water, even when you’re not thirsty, to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Use Body Lotion
After a long day out in the cold or after a hot shower, use a body lotion that works with your skin type to seal in moisture. Always avoid products that are heavily scented, sticky, or thick. Body lotion with a lot of fragrances can dry out your skin. Sticky and thick products can clog your pores and cause body acne. If you’re having trouble finding the right moisturizer or body lotion look for esthetician services to guide you in the right direction.

Keep Covered
Not only does your skin need protection from dry winter conditions, it needs to be protected from the sun. In winter, always wear a coat, gloves, scarves, and other clothing to protect you from the elements. In the summer, make sure you use high-quality sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

You Can Be Warm In Your Home and Have Supple Skin, Too

We all want our homes to feel warm and comfortable in the winter time, but indoor heating can seriously dry you out. Everything from your skin to your eyes feels like it could use a boost in moisture. You might feel a little drier at night because as you breathe heavily while you sleep, you lose moisture too.

The easiest way to add moisture back to your house is by getting a great humidifier. You can make your house feel ultra-cozy and you don’t have to worry about the nighttime cold drying out your skin.

When At-Home Winter Skincare Isn’t Working, Get to the Professionals

If you can’t find an over-the-counter solution to solve your skincare concerns, you need to look for esthetician services. Services like chemical peels and anti-aging treatments can breathe new life into your dull winter skin.

Visiting an Esthetician Sounds Like a Good Choice for My Winter Skincare Routine – Where Can I Find a Med Spa Near Me?

If you’re ready to step up your skincare routine this winter, then turn to the providers at Cosmetic Laser Centers. We know how to customize services to address your individual skin concerns. Find anti-aging treatments like dermal fillers and Botox to plump and redefine your face, or talk to our providers about the many ways laser treatments can refresh your skin.

Our centers are comfortable and our staff is easy to talk to about your aesthetic goals. Get the skin and body you’ve always wanted without a single stitch at Cosmetic Laser Centers. Contact us todayat (724) 269-2763 to upgrade your winter skincare!