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Glow Up With the Right Esthetician Services and Master Injectors

Working out is great, but your real resolution should be to get better skin! Products sold on cosmetic counters and grocery store shelves just won’t do. You need real, lasting results in Anti Aging treatments. The only way to do that is with incredible esthetician services and treatments from a master injector.

Not sure what treatment you’re looking for? Take a look at these top 3 treatments to put your best face forward this February and beyond.

1.BOTOX® Treatments for Stress-Free Wrinkle Reduction

There’s no question about it, BOTOX® is America’s favorite cosmetic procedure. That’s because nothing else provides anti wrinkle results like this fabulous little injectable. Get your injections performed by a master injector, and you can expect annoying lines and wrinkles to soften and disappear.

Whenever you deeply frown, furrow, or crinkle areas of your face, you leave a little crease in your skin. These little creases end up being big wrinkles. BOTOX® works by temporarily blocking the signals between your muscles and nerves to prevent you from making expressions dynamic enough to leave wrinkles.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to make all the expressions that bring out your natural beauty. They just won’t be leaving behind wrinkles, in places like between your eyes and around your mouth, when you do.

Fun Fact: Did you know BOTOX® treatment works for crow’s feet? That’s right, you can finally get rid of the annoying wrinkles that fan out from the corners of your eyes with just a little BOTOX® from a master injector.

2. The Best Esthetician Services Are Chemical Peels

If you’re looking for super smooth skin that glows from the inside out, then chemical peels are what you need! All experts welcome these esthetician services as a way to reveal new skin, diminish the appearance of sunspots, and clear away acne scars. There are three levels of peels to suit your individual skincare goals:

Superficial or Light Peels

Winter really brings out the dullness in your skin. Brighten up with a superficial peel and exfoliate away dry and dead skin to reveal smooth and youthful skin. These esthetician services are best for dry skin, mild-to-moderate acne, uneven skin tone, and fine lines. Recovery time for a light chemical peel is just a few days.

Medium Peels

This peel helps several skincare concerns. If you have acne scarring that just won’t fade, rosacea, uneven skin texture, wrinkles and fine lines, or moderate acne, then ask an esthetician if a medium peel is right for you. Medium chemical peels tackle big problems. The recovery time for these Anti Aging treatments can be anywhere from 7 to 14 days.

Deep Peels

Deep peels are for serious skincare issues and take quite a bit of recovery time. Many people need to be sedated; and pretreatment for a deep chemical peel can take up to 8 weeks. If you have moderate-to-severe sun damaged skin or some precancerous growths, you might want a deep chemical peel. Keep in mind that total recovery time could take up to three months. However, results last up to 10 years.

Fun Fact: Chemical peels are the best way to treat melasma, which is incredibly hard to manage with over-the-counter products. Melasma is often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy,” because it occurs commonly in new mothers. It lasts for months unless treated.

3. Dermal Fillers to Define, Lift, and Plump

Do you miss the full lips, sculpted features, and glowing skin of your youth? Then you need to ask a master injector about dermal fillers. When injected, dermal fillers draw moisture and collagen to the treated area, which results in lifted and fuller features and youthful-looking skin. Check out how Juvéderm® and Restylane® can enhance your natural beauty with their remarkable lines of dermal fillers.

Fun Fact: Most dermal fillers are based with hyaluronic acid, which is easily absorbed by your body. This makes dermal fillers safe to use for cosmetic treatments. However, there are ingredients that some people may be allergic to in dermal fillers made with HA. Fortunately, there are many brands of dermal fillers available.

Be sure to talk to your master injector about your health history and discuss all your options for cosmetic injections. That way, you can be sure you get a tailored treatment suited to your skincare goals.

Where Can I Find the Best Esthetician Services and Master Injectors in Pittsburgh?

Cosmetic Laser Centers believes in a personal approach to skincare. That’s why our estheticians and master injectors take the time to listen to all of our clients, so we can customize a plan to revive and rejuvenate your skin. Our team can work together to provide you with powerful combination therapy that can dramatically reduce your wrinkles and enhance your natural beauty like never before.

If you’re ready to request a consultation for BOTOX® treatments, dermal fillers, chemical peels, or any other of our amazing services, call us at 724-935-4200 or request a consultation online. Your skincare routine needs to be comprehensive to achieve maximum results, so make sure you ask us about products to use at home.