Fraxel laser treatments

Say “Goodbye” to Over-the-Counter Anti-Aging Treatments Forever!

The newest anti-aging treatment that’s been on every celebrity’s lips is Fraxel! It’s the latest laser treatment to smooth wrinkles, erase acne scarring, and a whole lot more. So, if you’re tired of throwing away money on over-the-counter anti-aging treatments that just don’t work, check out how a Fraxel laser treatment can renew your skin and provide lasting results you’ll love at Cosmetic Laser Centers in the Pittsburgh area.

The Quick Details on Fraxel Laser Treatment Technology

Fraxel lasers produce thousands of microbeams that treat your skin fraction by fraction. These precise beams activate your skin’s natural healing response, which causes your cells to produce more collagen.

Fraxel laser treatments are customizable, too. Your laser specialist can select from two tools to treat each area of your face. Each has their own benefit, and your provider will know which one is right for you.

The Benefits of the Fraxel Dual Laser Treatments

The Fraxel Dual laser treatment uses a non-ablative laser, which means it only heats the tissue beneath your skin instead of removing it.

Fraxel Dual can be used on your face, neck, chest, hands, legs, and almost any other area of your body. This not only makes it ideal for skin concerns on your face, but an effective treatment for stretch marks in places like your stomach and hips.

You also can lift away hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun damage, and some pre-cancerous spots with a Fraxel Dual laser treatment.

Fraxel Dual doesn’t stop there! It also rewinds the signs of aging like no other treatment available. Get a smooth and ultra-radiant complexion with targeted treatment that erases fine lines and wrinkles and, finally, gets rid of old acne scarring.

Make Your Skin Like New With Fraxel Re:pair

Fraxel Re:pair laser treatments are a little more intense than Fraxel Dual treatments, but yield incredibly dramatic results! Even better, most people only need a single Fraxel Re:pair treatment to experience lasting benefits.

Fraxel Re:pair uses an ablative laser. This means it safely vaporizes the outer layer of your skin and heats the underlying tissue at the same time, to kick your collagen production into high-gear. Your results are smoother, tighter, and fresher-looking skin. In fact, you can expect the Fraxel Re:pair laser treatment to take years off your face.

Are Fraxel Laser Treatments Near Me Safe?

Fraxel laser treatments are very safe and are an FDA-approved anti-aging treatment. Many celebrities have turned to Fraxel laser treatments, because they are a gentle and safe way to get serious results in skincare. The Fraxel Dual treatment only requires four to five days of downtime, and the Fraxel Re:pair treatment has a recovery time of five to seven days.

During your recovery, it will feel and look like the treated area has a sunburn. However, most tenderness and swelling from Fraxel typically resolves within just a few days. After that, you’ll experience minor peeling, which will reveal refreshed and replenished skin.

How Can I Speed Up My Recovery Time After a Fraxel Laser Treatment?

After your Fraxel laser treatment, keep a lightweight, fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic moisturizer on your skin. Avoid heavy moisturizers, makeup, and exfoliants for at least the first week after your laser treatment.

The most important thing you can do to speed up your recovery after a laser treatment and maintain your results over time is by avoiding the sun. Harmful UV rays will reverse the results provided by your Fraxel laser treatment and cause even more damage to your skin.

Always wear a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen whenever you go outside, and never use a tanning bed.

Can I Combine Other Treatments With Fraxel Dual or Fraxel Re:pair?

Yes! After your laser treatment has healed, ask our master injector about dermal fillers. Combine your fresh complexion with pillow-soft lips and sculpted cheekbones.

Dermal fillers only take a few minutes to perform and require zero downtime. Schedule an appointment with our master injector on your lunch break, and head right back to your day as soon as your treatment is over.

Where Can I Find the Best Fraxel Laser Treatments Near Me?

Right here at Cosmetic Laser Centers, where you can rely on our result-driven services to uncover fresh and renewed skin with Fraxel laser treatments. Combine treatments from our laser specialists with expert cosmetic injections from our master injector, and see dramatic results you never knew could be possible.

If you’re ready to experience life-changing results in skin care with Fraxel laser treatments, call us at (724) 305-3890, or contact us online. Don’t forget to ask how you can maintain your results with a customized Geneo facial treatment that’s safe for all skin types!