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Pittsburgh Residents Can Ditch the Tweezers Forever!

Hormonal facial hair that comes with pregnancy and age is the worst! It seems as if out of nowhere dark, thick little hairs appear in places like your upper lip and chin – and nothing makes them more apparent than the summer sun. It’s time to toss your tweezers and cancel your wax appointments, because IPL hair removal offers permanent hair loss for your face.

So what is IPL, and is it the same as laser hair removal? The experts at Cosmetic Laser Centers in Pittsburgh and Warrendale have the answers to your questions and tips on how to prepare for IPL hair removal.

Let’s Get To It. What Is IPL?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy uses broad-spectrum light at multiple wavelengths to provide your skin with a variety of benefits. Many experts compare the light from IPL to a photoflash, because they both emit multiple waves of bright light.

This bright and focused light penetrates deep into the second layer of your skin without damaging the top layer or any other parts of your body. That’s because when your body absorbs the light energy produced by IPL, it converts it to heat that destroys your hair follicle, which prevents your hair from growing back.

That’s not all! IPL treatments can also remove or diminish:

  • Age spots
  • Birthmarks
  • Freckles
  • Rosacea
  • Sun damage
  • Spider veins
  • Varicose veins

So, Is IPL the Same as Laser Hair Removal?

While IPL and laser hair removal both achieve permanent hair loss, they don’t use the same technology. That’s because the light from IPL is more scattered and not quite as focused as a laser treatment. This makes IPL a little less painful than laser hair removal, which is ideal for the sensitive areas on your face.

In fact, many top-of-the-line IPL machines have built-in cooling systems to actively keep you extra comfortable during your treatment. Even better, you should have about 10 to 25 percent permanent hair loss per treatment, which means you can say “goodbye” to your tweezers in as little as four sessions.

Which Is Better: IPL or Laser Hair Removal?

The answer to that question depends on the area being treated and how thick and dense your hair is. Many experts agree IPL is best for super-sensitive areas like the thin skin on your face and your bikini line.

IPL is also a good choice for permanent facial hair removal because of the extra benefits you receive from treatment. Not only will you be getting rid of annoying facial hair, but you’ll be rejuvenating your skin as well.

However, laser hair removal is much more effective in places like your legs and chest. With an expert provider, you can see 80 percent or more permanent hair removal in as little as four treatments. To learn more about laser hair removal in Pittsburgh, request a consultation with the experts at Cosmetic Laser Centers.

Can IPL Work on Men’s Facial Hair?

Women aren’t the only ones who want to permanently get rid of unwanted facial hair. IPL can absolutely give you a smooth, hair-free face, and help you toss your razor (and the burn that comes with it) in the trash!

Because of the thickness and density of men’s facial hair, permanent hair loss with IPL may take an extra session or two. The only way to know for sure how many sessions you’ll need to achieve your desired amount of hair loss is by scheduling a consultation with an expert.

It Sounds Like IPL Treatment Is Right For Me. How Do I Prepare?

After your IPL specialist examines your skin, you’ll need to avoid these activities for at least two weeks prior to your treatment:

  • Chemical peels
  • Collagen injections
  • Cosmetic products that contain retinol, glycolic acid, or other forms of vitamin
  • Drugs that thin your blood
  • Exposure to direct sunlight
  • Waxing

Downtime for IPL is minimal, with most people returning to their day as soon as treatment is over. You might notice a small amount of redness in your skin and a little sensitivity anywhere from two to seven days.

In rare cases, you might experience bruising and blistering. However, these side effects disappear on their own quickly and don’t need any further attention from your provider.

Cosmetic Laser Centers Has the Most Effective IPL and Laser Treatments Near You

Are you ready for glowing, hair-free skin this summer? Then turn to the experts at Cosmetic Laser Centers! Whether you want sexy, smooth legs or just want perfectly shaped eyebrows without all the work, our providers have the skills and equipment to safely remove body hair for good.

To learn more about IPL and laser treatments from Cosmetic Laser Centers, call us at (724) 305-3890 or request a consultation online.

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