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Get Younger-Looking Skin In Just One Appointment With Juvederm® in Pittsburgh

It’s no secret that aging can change the look and feel of your skin, and when drugstore anti-aging products don’t give you the results you were hoping for, you might assume that your skin will never be the same. However, a solution you may not have considered is dermal fillers.

Women love how these fillers instantly enhance their appearance and take years off their skin. One of the most popular dermal fillers on today’s market is Juvederm®.

Whether you’re familiar with Juvederm® or this is your first time hearing about this family of fillers, you may feel hesitant and think it’s too good to be true. Juvederm® is not only safe, but can practically turn back the clock and deliver you with natural, younger-looking skin.

What is Juvederm® and How Does It Work?

Juvederm® is a smooth gel filler made with hyaluronic acid, a natural volumizing agent that you can find in many of your skincare products and serums. Its purpose is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the skin, and promote a fuller, younger-looking appearance. Because Juvederm® contains hyaluronic acid, it can help boost collagen production in the treated area and doesn’t require surgical intervention to deliver long-lasting results.

Once injected with a fine needle, Juvederm® instantly improves wrinkles and volume loss by filling the skin. The result is a smoother, more youthful look. Some patients may need multiple treatments to achieve their desired look.

Where Can I Use Juvederm®?

Juvederm® is incredibly versatile. It’s used to minimize folds and wrinkles, smooth out lines, and volumize areas of the face. Common treatment areas include the cheeks, chin, lines, and lips.

It treats marionette lines, smile lines, lines above the lip, and lines at the corners of the mouth. Juvederm® can also lift sunken cheeks and create poutier, plumper lips. Patients might also inject the filler into the chin for a chin augmentation without having to undergo a major medical procedure.

Juvederm® is available in many different formulations, and which one your master injector chooses for you depends on your treatment area and how long you want your results to last. Each formulation has its own purpose. A knowledgeable medical provider can recommend which one is right for you based on the area you wish to have treated and desired results.

How Long Will It Last?

Juvederm® lasts anywhere from six to 12 months, depending on the area treated and the formulation. After your appointment, you’ll see immediate improvements in your skin. However, optimal results won’t be apparent until the filler settles and the swelling resolves. This typically takes up to two weeks.

The filler naturally dissolves over time, so maintenance appointments are necessary if you’d like to continue improving the appearance of your skin.

Safety and Side Effects

Juvederm® is an FDA-approved dermal filler, making it safe for cosmetic use. And because your body already naturally produces hyaluronic acid, it is very rare for anyone to have an allergic reaction to it. Both Juvederm® and its proprietary technology, Vycross®, have been closely evaluated for safety and effectiveness through clinical studies. Juvederm® fillers have an established safety profile. Patients who are allergic to lidocaine or have a history of severe allergic reactions should not use Juvederm®.

Juvederm® poses very few health risks. Getting it injected by an inexperienced provider is the main cause of complications and unnatural results. To ensure safe and flawless results, it’s required to have Juvederm® treatments near you done by an experienced professional.

Juvederm® side effects are minimal. You may experience initial swelling and bruising at the injection site that should subside in two to three weeks. It’s also common to have minor redness and tenderness. No two patients are alike, so your treatment experience is entirely unique to you.

Before and After Your Appointment

Treatments usually take an hour or less. To minimize and prevent Juvederm® side effects, there are a few things you should avoid before and after your appointment.

Do not take over-the-counter medications seven to 10 days before your appointment. It’s also important to avoid Vitamin E, fish oil, Ginkgo Biloba, and alcohol, as these substances can promote bruising.

After your appointment, minimize exercise, sun exposure, and alcoholic beverages for 24 hours. Avoid touching or massaging the injection site unless instructed to do so by your provider.

Learn More About Juvederm® Treatments Near You

Juvederm® is a safe and effective anti-aging solution that can result in smoother, volumized skin. To learn more about this incredible filler, book a consultation with an experienced medical provider to discuss Juvederm® in Pittsburgh. At your consultation, your provider will determine if Juvederm® is right for you, and will develop a treatment plan that is all your own.