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Achieve Your Skin Care Goals With Laser Skin Resurfacing in Pittsburgh

Skin resurfacing is an amazing treatment that delivers you with a healthier, revitalized appearance in just one appointment. And if you’ve experienced all that Fraxel® DUAL laser resurfacing has to offer, you know just how effectively it can turn your skin concerns into a thing of the past.

For long-lasting, optimal results, it’s important to care for your skin even after your skin resurfacing is complete. Maintenance is necessary to keep your skin in its best condition. At Cosmetic Laser Centers™, we want our patients to enjoy their results for as long as possible, which is why we’re sharing our expertise.

Here are a few things you can do to maintain your skin resurfacing results.

Follow Your Provider’s Recommendations After Skin Resurfacing

Unlike ablative laser resurfacing treatments, the Fraxel® DUAL laser is non-ablative and requires minimal downtime. Still, your provider will make recommendations to help you achieve desired results and maintain them after your treatment.

Swelling is normal and will subside within a few days after your skin resurfacing treatment. Patients may also notice redness, flaking, and peeling. You can expect your medical provider to recommend that you allow one week for these signs to resolve.

Use Sun Protection and Limit Exposure

Limiting sun exposure and using sun protection is vital for maintaining your skin resurfacing results. Not only are UV rays extremely harmful, but they can also promote signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Protecting your skin from the sun will ensure your results look as great as they did when you first received skin resurfacing. Wearing a daily sunscreen and avoiding direct sunlight are just two practices that will help maintain your results.

Create a Skincare Regimen that Works for You

Caring for your skin on a regular basis will keep it healthy and prolong the results of your laser skin resurfacing treatment. To do so, consider adding a skincare regimen to your daily routine. Keep a fresh face by using cleansers, serums, toners, and moisturizers that work with your personal skin type. Be sure to use moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid to keep hydrated, volumized skin.

A consultation with one of our medical providers allows them to examine your skin and determine what type of skin care products will be most effective for you and your skin.

Avoid Harsh Products

Harsh skin care products can irritate your skin and diminish the results of your laser skin resurfacing treatment. They may even cause new skin concerns to arise. Maintain your results and protect your skin by avoiding harsh ingredients and using gentle, non-irritating products.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

Whether you’re experiencing new skin concerns or you just want to touch up your skin resurfacing results, a maintenance appointment is a great way to sustain your skin.

These appointments are not included in your initial treatment plan and are completed later if needed. Schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our medical providers to keep your skin feeling and looking its best.

Our Skin Resurfacing Treatments

If you have yet to receive skin resurfacing treatments, we can help. At Cosmetic Laser Centers, we offer Fraxel® DUAL, the ultimate fractional skin resurfacing tool. These treatments are more convenient and less invasive than ablative laser resurfacing. They provide you with noticeably healthier, younger-looking skin. Multiple sessions are typically recommended for optimal results.

Fraxel® DUAL laser resurfacing treats your skin concerns, all while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Using thousands of tiny laser columns that penetrate through your skin, it resurfaces damaged skin, boosts collagen production, and regrows healthy skin cells.

If you’re experiencing uneven skin tone, texture, scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or wrinkles, this skin resurfacing technique could be the perfect solution. And because it doesn’t require skin tears or open wounds, it’s never been easier to renew your skin.

Restore Your Skin With Fraxel® DUAL Laser Resurfacing in Pittsburgh

Let your confidence lead the way with our laser skin resurfacing treatments in Pittsburgh. We provide two Fraxel® DUAL laser resurfacing treatment options that will help you achieve your skin care goals. Based on your skin concerns, one may be more effective than the other.

A consultation with one of our skin care specialists is the best way to determine if you can benefit from our skin resurfacing services. Additionally, your medical provider will create a personalized treatment plan made just for your skin. No two patients are alike, so multiple treatments may be needed to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Review our available skin resurfacing treatments on our website, then book a consultation with one of our medical providers to begin your journey to rejuvenated, flawless skin by calling (412) 788-1331.