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Fraxel® DUAL vs. IPL: Which Will Restore My Skin Best?

Prolonged sun exposure can take a serious toll on your skin. UV rays are extremely powerful, and if you’ve been careless about protecting your skin in the past, it’s likely that you’re paying the price for it now. Sun spots are a telltale sign of sun damage.

It isn’t too late to take back control over your skin. Sun spots are just one of the many skin concerns that can be treated with our facial laser treatments at Cosmetic Laser Centers™. We provide a wide variety of cosmetic services, so you’ll have no problem finding one that complements your skin and allows your confidence to shine.

Get started with our facial laser treatments in Pittsburgh, and treat your sun spots today.

What Are Facial Laser Treatments?

Facial laser treatments use a laser to resolve a variety of skin irregularities. Using microscopic laser columns that penetrate into the skin, these treatments actively target and improve sun damage. This stimulates your body’s own natural healing process and replaces the old and damaged cells with fresh, glowing, healthy skin.

Laser treatments are incredibly versatile and can be adjusted to the unique needs of each patient. Because of their effectiveness and safety, Fraxel® laser treatments are a great option for treating sun damage.

Fraxel® DUAL vs. Fraxel® Re:pair: What’s the Difference?

Fraxel laser treatments deliver you with enhanced, resurfaced skin and are used to achieve your skin care goals. There are two different fractional lasers, each one working a bit differently. At Cosmetic Laser Centers, we use the Fraxel® DUAL laser to reduce the appearance of sun damage and age spots, as well as skin texture issues, fine lines, and wrinkles.

When considering Fraxel® DUAL vs. Fraxel® Re:pair treatments, the main difference lies in the laser itself. While Fraxel® Re:pair is a CO2 ablative laser that removes the outer layer of skin from the treated area, Fraxel® DUAL is a non-ablative option that treats damaged skin with deep microscopic treatment zones.

Fraxel® DUAL requires significantly less downtime than its ablative counterparts. It restores the skin without creating any tears or open wounds, so the healing process is usually less than a week.

How the Fraxel® DUAL Laser Treats Sun Spots

The capabilities and safety of the Fraxel® DUAL laser make it easier than ever to treat sun spots and revitalize your skin. It’s able to pinpoint specific areas on your face, neck, and hands that have been damaged by the sun, resulting in a flawless, more youthful appearance.

Fraxel® facial laser treatments use thousands of tiny laser columns to penetrate into your skin and boost its collagen production. The laser resurfaces damaged skin cells, accelerates collagen production, and supports the regrowth of healthy skin cells.

The Fraxel® DUAL 1927 nm specifically targets tone, mild-moderate sun damage, pigmented lesions, and texture concerns, making it one of the best facial laser treatments for sun spots.

Light-Based Treatments Also Improve Sun Damaged Skin

At Cosmetic Laser Centers, we also offer light-based treatments that reverse the effects of sun damage. IPL treatments rewind the signs of time and practically erase sun spots using scattered and unfocused wavelengths of light.

Once penetrated into your skin’s deepest layer, the light’s energy is absorbed, removing unwanted pigment along with it. IPL treatments treat damaged skin on nearly any area of the body. It typically takes several treatment sessions, and you can expect to see optimal results about a month after your final treatment session.

To maintain your results, it is recommended to schedule yearly maintenance appointments to treat any sun damage that has accumulated over that period of time.

Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

We offer a selection of light and facial laser treatments to treat the effects of sun damaged skin. With so many options to choose from, we understand how it can be difficult to know which one will give you the results you’re looking for.

A consultation with one of our trusted medical providers will determine which treatment is best for your skin and specific concerns. Our providers will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan made with your needs, budget, and skin care goals in mind.

After examining your skin and the treatment area, our medical providers can also share with you a timeline of how many sessions you’ll need to reach your desired results. Your consultation is also the perfect time to ask any questions you may still have about facial laser treatments and the healing process.

Healthy, Undamaged Skin Is Just a Phone Call Away

At Cosmetic Laser Centers, our speciality in cosmetic esthetics allows us to offer a vast selection of treatments in Pittsburgh. We provide both light and laser treatments to reduce your sun spots and create a new rejuvenated appearance that makes for a more confident you.

Don’t wait to treat your sun damaged skin and achieve the youthful glow you’ve been longing for. Book a consultation with our team of experts today.