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Our Master Injector Creates a Personalized Treatment Plan to Help You Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals

Developing fine lines and wrinkles and losing volume in your face are simply part of aging. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with these changes if you don’t want to.

When used properly and on a regular schedule, dermal fillers can help to minimize the signs of aging.

If you notice any of the following on your face, you may benefit from a customized dermal filler treatment plan:

  • Lip lines or thin lips
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Volume loss in your cheeks or jaw line

Keep reading to learn about each of these signs and to find out how to begin your journey with dermal fillers.

You Have Lip Lines or Thin Lips

Some people naturally have thin lips. For others, as they age, loss of collagen in the skin can lead to thinning of the lips. Loss of collagen due to the aging process can also lead to lip lines around the mouth.

Dermal fillers can add subtle volume to the lips and soften the lines around your mouth, giving a more youthful appearance.

You Have Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds are prominent lines or creases that begin at the sides of the nose and continue down to the corners of the mouth. As we age, we lose collagen and elastin in the skin, our fat pads shrink, and bone loss occurs. All these age-related changes lead to loss of support in the cheeks. Nasolabial folds begin to appear.

Dermal fillers work to restore structure in the cheeks and fill in the nasolabial folds, creating a smoother, younger appearance.

You Have Marionette Lines

The small wrinkles at the corners of your mouth are called marionette lines, or melomental folds. They can be quite small or extend from the corners of your mouth to your chin. These lines are located below your nasolabial folds – those that extend from the base of your nose to your mouth.

You may begin to see clear marionette lines around age 40, but they can develop as early as your 20s, especially if you ever smoked or if you purse your lips frequently.

You’ve Lost Volume Around Your Cheeks or Jaw Line

Sunken cheeks can make you look older than you are and are due to a decrease in collagen and elastin production, fat pad loss, and bone reabsorption. Smoking, sudden weight loss, and even an unhealthy diet can add to volume loss in your cheeks as well.

Your jaw line may no longer look as defined as it used to. This is called jaw line volume loss. Most people lose volume around their jawline as they get older, resulting in sagging skin, sometimes referred to as “jowls.”

Dermal fillers work to support underlying facial structures and fill in unwanted lines to give a more youthful appearance.

Kinds of Dermal Fillers Our Master Injector Uses

Dermal fillers are a type of injectables that fill in wrinkles and improve volume loss. These are different from Botox®, a wrinkle relaxer, which temporarily prevents small facial muscles from moving.

During your initial consultation at Cosmetic Laser Centers℠, our master injector will create a customized filler treatment plan for you. Our office uses the top three brands of fillers: Restylane®, Sculptra®, and Juvéderm®.

During your treatment, our injector will apply the filler into the skin using a very small needle or microcannula. You may need to schedule follow-up appointments for future injections, as dermal fillers are not permanent and naturally dissolve over time.


Restylane® is made of a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, called hyaluronic acid, so allergy testing is not necessary for this dermal filler brand. Your appointment for Restylane® takes an hour or less, and results typically last between 6 and 12 months.


Made of poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptra® is a long-lasting dermal filler. Some patients have reported seeing results for as long as five years after injection. Sculptra received FDA approval in 2004. It was originally created to help restore cheek volume, especially after dramatic weight loss.


Made from hyaluronic acid like Restylane®, Juvéderm® treatments last up to six months to two years. This durability is thanks in part to its Hylacross™ technology. Treatments take an hour or less, and you’ll see results immediately.

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