• Fast results: The results of Radiesse® treatment can be seen right away.
  • Long-lasting results: Patients have reported lasting effects of up to one year.
  • Natural results: Patients report the results of Radiesse® are natural looking.
  • Cost effective: Because Radiesse® is long-lasting, you will need fewer treatments and touch-ups to retain the desired results.
  • Little downtime: After treatment you may immediately return to most of your regular activities with a few exceptions. After the injections it is common to see some bruising, swelling and redness. Radiesse® in particular may feel hard or lumpy at first, and this may last 2 weeks or more.
  • Versatile: Radiesse® can be used on several areas including the face and hands. It can be done in conjunction with other treatments such as facials or microdermabrasions if they are spaced apart.


Given all of the benefits of Radiesse® it is no wonder why so many patients rave at the results. If you have tried other treatments and fillers in the past and weren’t blown away by the results, then it may be time to give Radiesse®a try.

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