Benefits of Dysport®

Dysport® is and FDA approved botulinum toxin injection similar to Botox® that is injected into the skin to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Dysport® is perfect for those that want to benefit from a younger looking appearance without the invasiveness of surgery.

Dysport® is commonly used to treat the following conditions:

  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Platysmal (neck) bands
  • Hyperhidrosis (sweating)

Cosmetic Injectables

Benefits of Dysport® compared to Botox®

Many may confuse Dysport® and Botox® due to their obvious similarities in not only their formulas, but in what they treat. The two injectables although similar are not the same and are not considered to be interchangeable. They have even sometimes been used in combination depending on the needs of the patient. What many also do not know is that some people also may respond better to one treatment as opposed to the other, which is why it benefits the patient to have the option of either injectable.

In addition, Dysport® has been reported to offer increased benefits compared Botox® such as:

  • Faster and longer lasting results
  • Less tolerance buildup
  • Softer appearance

As stated, some patients may respond better to one treatment option as compared to another which is why it is beneficial to have alternative options. Whether Dysport® is superior is hotly debated, but will truly be based on patient preference and the individual results that the patient sees.

Treatment and Recovery

After receiving an initial consultation an appointment for treatment will be scheduled. Treatment is done in office and typically takes around 30 minutes. Patients are given after care instructions on how to care for their skin after receiving the Dysport® injections. Recovery time is minimal and common symptoms after treatment may include: soreness, redness, inflammation and/or bruising at the treatment site. These symptoms are typically minimal and disappear within a few days. After about one week patients will notice the benefits of the treatment and the resulting younger looking skin.

Cosmetic Laser Centers of Pittsburgh offer Dysport® treatments. If you are interested in learning more about Dysport® and whether it is the right treatment option for you, then contact Cosmetic Laser Centers to schedule a consultation.